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What is a traumatic brain injury?

A traumatic brain injury occurs when an external force strikes a person's skull. This can cause short-term issues such as loss of consciousness, headaches, dizziness, sensory sensitivity, and nausea or long-term problems like seizures, and permanent loss of coordination. If another person brought about these injuries because of his or her negligent behavior, then you deserve to be compensated for your damages.

Speak to Chico personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Adam Sorrells to ensure that you have a competent legal representative by your side as you make your claim. We make it our goal to make this process as efficient and profitable as possible for you.

Brain Injury Causes

While brain injuries are caused by many different factors, a few of the most common causes are listed below:

  • Car Accidents:those who are in a car collision may be injured by hitting their head on the dashboard, windshield, or another hard object.
  • Slip and Fall:accidents from slipping on a surface or falling down stairs are the most common ways that people injure their heads. The elderly and children are especially vulnerable to brain injuries from slip and fall.
  • Sports Injuries: in high-impact sports like football, hockey, and soccer, people often incur blunt force to the head. Most times, athletes are not eligible to obtain compensation, but may in cases of extreme negligence.
  • Violence: assault and shootings are another cause of brain injury damage. When a child has been shaken to the point of injury, it is known as shaken baby syndrome.

If you have incurred a brain injury from one of the above factors or another, then you should make sure to contact the Law Office of Adam Sorrells. In his 25+ years of practice, Attorney Adam Sorrells has handled over a thousand depositions, arbitrations and mediations, so you can rest assured that he is more than competent to handle your case as well. Fill out your free case evaluation now!

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