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Injured in a car accident in Chico?

Have you recently been injured in a car accident? Unfortunately, you are one of the many people who are involved in car crashes every year throughout the State of California. Crash statistics for the state show that 2,520 people were killed and 161,094 people were injured in car accidents in 2010. These incredibly high numbers can be significantly reduced if drivers pay attention to the road while they are behind the wheel. Every driver throughout the United States must meet specific road requirements while they are driving, or they may be found in violation of the driver duty of reasonable care.

These duties include:

  • Driving at a reasonable speed
  • Vigilance and keeping a lookout
  • Maintaining control of the vehicle
  • Maintaining and using the car's equipment

Despite how other people are driving, drivers must always drive at a reasonable speed and be alert. If drivers are aware of their surroundings, they are less likely to strike another car or pedestrian. Brakes and lights should be checked frequently by drivers to ensure that they are working properly. Failure to do any of these things can be considered negligent.

If you have been involved in a car accident that was caused by someone else's negligence, contact a Chico car accident attorney from the Law Office of Adam Sorrells as soon as possible.

Causes of Car Accidents in Chico

Car accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, but a majority of them are caused by driver negligence.

The following are the top causes of car accidents:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Weather conditions

Today's society is obsessed with instant results—which is why more and more people are attempting to do other things while driving. People may be tempted to eat while driving if they do not have time to eat prior to leaving for their destination. With technology rapidly advancing, individuals often find themselves talking or texting while driving, as well.

Many people also believe that if they speed, they will arrive at their destination faster. While this may be true, it is also incredibly dangerous, and if you cause an accident while speeding, not only will you be extremely late to your destination, but you may also face legal penalties.

Hit by an uninsured driver? Our Chico Car Accident Attorney can help!

Although most states require motorists to carry a minimum collision policy, some people still manage to drive without insurance. If you are struck by a hit & run driver or a driver who is uninsured, do not lose hope. You may be able to get your insurance company or the other driver to pay for the necessary bills. Prior to leaving the scene, you must take the uninsured driver's information and contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

To ensure that you do not receive compensation that is less than what you deserve, it may be in your best interest to hire a Chico car accident lawyer from the Law Office of Adam Sorrells. We have assisted Chico car accident clients for more than 25 years, and we make it our number one priority to assist those who have suffered injuries due to car accidents.

Let Our Chico Car Accident Lawyer Fight for the Compensation You Deserve

Almost all car accidents involve some sort of damage. Whether it is to a person's car, the driver, or passengers in the car, car accident victims face many potential fines. If your car accident was caused by someone else's negligence, you have the right to pursue monetary compensation for your damages.

With the help of Attorney Adam Sorrells, our Chico car accident attorney, you can obtain the money you need to pay for important items, such as:

  • Hospital visits
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy
  • Medications
  • Car damage

If your injuries are causing you to either temporarily or permanently be out of work, monetary compensation can also cover lost wages. Regardless of the type of car accident caused your injuries, you deserve to hold the other party responsible for their negligence.

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If you have been in a car accident, please contact the Chico car accident attorney at the Law Office of Adam Sorrells as soon as possible. With over two decades of personal injury experience, our firm can assist clients who were injured in various types of accidents.

You do not have to suffer for the rest of your life because someone was careless—contact our firm at (530) 893-9900 to learn how we can help get your life back.

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