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Why You Need a Chico Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a big and important decision. Choosing a lawyer who turns out to be inexperience or unconcerned about the results of your case could be disastrous. You need to recover the damages you have suffered in your accident, which can only be achieved by an attentive and capable Chico personal injury lawyer. That is why you need to contact the Law Office of Adam Sorrells! Over the past 20 years, we have achieved numerous successful results for a variety of personal injuries. Simply read below to see for yourself. We are skilled in obtaining compensation for cases ranging from car accidents to wrongful death. Also, our firm offers a free case evaluation for anyone in need of a lawyer. Contact us today to learn what we can do for to recover maximum damages for your case.

$375,000 for Workers' Compensation
The client came to see us with a Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) report that said there was no ongoing injury, no ongoing problems, and the case was case worth $0.00. The insurance company cut off his TD (temporary disability) benefits based on the report. He had sustained a crush injury to the hip and lower leg from a fork lift. Adam believed the client's pain complaints and agreed to represent him.

After thinking about all his symptoms, Adam thought he had CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome). He asked the PTP (primary treating physician) to evaluate for CRPS. The PTP wasn't familiar with CRPS, so Adam sent over some literature, the names of some specialists he could refer to, and some suggestions. In the meantime, Adam convinced the insurance company to use an AME (agreed medical examiner). The report from the AME was an improvement over the first report, and with that Adam was able to get TD resumed and back TD paid.

The specialist then confirmed Adam's suspicion that the client was suffering from CRPS, and the case is now settling for $375,000 From an initial determination that the case was worth $0.00, Adam Sorrells succeeded in getting the payment up to $375,000.

$974,731 for Car Accident
In Dec of 2010, we settled an L5/S1 fusion surgery case caused by a rear-end accident for $974,731. This was a million dollar policy limits settlement, but another occupant in a different vehicle had already received $25,269 out of a single limit policy, so that is why the amount was not the full million. We are proud to say that this injured person was two weeks away from losing their house to foreclosure because the injuries prevented working and our client could not pay the mortgage. Settlement occurred just in time and now his house is paid off.

$200,000 for Post-Concussion Syndrome
Our client was a lady who was rear-ended on highway 299 in Shasta County. She was denied medical treatment at the scene and five days later saw a chiropractor. It was later determined that she had sustained a concussion and was exhibiting post-concussion syndrome. The defense denied a post-concussive injury but the case was able to be resolved amicably at a mediation.

$400,000 for Tibial Plateau Fracture
Mr. Sorrells represented a client who was injured in a pedestrian accident after being struck by an automobile. The client suffered a tibial plateau fracture and required surgery to repair the fracture.

$300,000 Policy Limit Settlement for Dog Attack Victim
Our client was a woman who had been viciously attacked by a pack of three pitbulls.

$661,000 for Back Injury
In 2009, we tried a case in San Francisco against a large law firm. The offer prior to trial was approximately $250,000. Case was taken to trial with a judgment of $661,000. The injury was an L5/S1 spondylolisthesis.

$170,065 for Traumatic Brain Injury
On 10/29/1998, Mr. Sorrells tried a mild traumatic brain injury case in Butte County. Offer before trial was $15,000, increased to $30,000 before trial. Defense claimed low impact and no brain injury. Plaintiff had a neurologist and neuropsychologist testify to the brain injury. Verdict was $170,065. Defense moved for a new trial. Judge granted the motion deciding (essentially) that Mr. Sorrells had just done too good of a job, and the verdict should not have been that high. We also argued the case on appeal, and were able to get the motion for new trial reversed. This took several years. The defense had to pay an extra $30,000 in interest.

Verdict in Excess of Policy Limits
In February of 1998, we tried a case in Sacramento and obtained an excess of policy limits verdict. Policy limits for the case were $50,000, and the verdict was higher than that. Insurance companies hate paying more than the policy limits. If they play games and do not settle the case within the policy when they had a reasonable opportunity to do so, then they are later responsible for the full verdict, which is what happened here.

$100,000 Policy Limit Settlement for Jaw Injury in Car Crash

$100,000 Policy Limits Settlement in Car vs. Bicycle Case

$105,000 Workers Compensation Settlement

$105,000 Public Entity Settlement for Broken Nose in Restroom

Workers' Compensation Victory
On July 31, 2013, in a two day workers compensation trial, Mr. Sorrells won an AOE/COE verdict. That means that the insurance company contended that the injury did not happen at work. If they had prevailed, the injured worker would not have any workers compensation case. AOE means arising out of employment, and COE, means course of employment. As a result of our efforts, the injured worker is entitled to receive medical treatment, temporary disability benefits, and back temporary disability, along with penalties.

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